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So, either hell has frozen, or I ran out of productive things to do and decided to experiment with the blogosphere.

The premise here, frankly, is absurd: Lawyers with opinions? Who will share them, unsolicited, with the world at large? For free? Go figure.

Professionaly, my universe is fairly well limited these days to helping buyers and sellers survive the bizzare ritual practice commonly known as the residential real estate transaction.

At first blush, what could possibly be simpler - buyer and seller agree on a price; buyer gives seller money, seller gives buyer keys, fini!

Sadly, the process has become much much more complicated. A sad, sad combination of lawyers, institutional investors; red tape; governmental regulation. Arrgh!!! Factor in the emotional and psychological overlays that crop up for many of us when we make these large dollar transactions (when else do most of us deal in these numbers except when we buy and sell our homes?) Its enough to scream, and all too often I d…