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Home owners: Stay safe by knowing these 7 features of your home

There are a couple of things ALL home owners should know about their abodes. The wonderful Art of Manliness blog hits this point very well in a recent post identifying spots in the home that every owner should be familiar with for safety and maintenance reasons.  They suggest familiarizing yourself with: Electrical panelWater shutoffsGas meter and shut-offsAttic accessSewer accessHot water temperature gaugeProperty line If you had to, could you find all seven? I can, but I'm not necessarily saying that I really know how or what to do at any of these places, particularly if something is going wrong. Fix a gas leak? not my deal, sorry. Close a home purchase? Now you're talking....  At least I can point these things out to Susan or the repair dude as necessary and that's a start. I'm sure you will do better. Especially after you read this. Here's the report.