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Good for Chicago: Illinois Legal Aid Online

Working thru divorce, foreclosure, domestic violence, discrimination claims (and really, most legal matters) often involves complex procedures, strict timelines, and—of course—tons of paperwork. Jumping thru all the right hoops can be exasperating...more-so for folks on limited incomes and even worse for those in rural areas. Have no fear, Illinois Legal Aid Online is here. And it’s a 2018 addition to our Thanks to You charity program.

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Good for Chicago: Reading in Motion

One thing we don’t love about Chicago is its literacy problem. Our city has one of the lowest adult literacy rates in the country. Thankfully, Reading in Motion works hard to reverse this trend by helping our youngest students learn to read in some very cool ways. That’s why we’ve included it in ourThanks to Youprogram.

Tax hike?! 3 ways to fight the latest Cook County property assessments

By Michael H. Wasserman  City of Chicago homeowners should be on the lookout for newly proposed assessed valuations from the Cook County Assessor’s office. A property’s assessed valuation has a direct relationship to the amount of upcoming property tax bills. Savvy property owners (including readers of this blog) know that they can—and should—fight back by appealing those assessment notices. Here's how.

Should lawyers protect clients from wire transfer fraud? I say YES!

By Michael Wasserman

In 2017, the FBI reported that wire transfer fraud was up 480% in real estate transactions. It’s a frightening number.

Yet more and more, I’ve heard that real estate lawyers won’t discuss transfer instructions with clients—that they leave it to the title company to avoid the responsibility and liability. What?!

Hey Chicago, how about that CityKey?

By Michael H. Wasserman You may have heard that Chicago just made the CityKey ID available to its residents. If you haven’t, CityKey is the city’s first municipal ID card that makes city life more convenient, less expensive and, in some cases, more secure. But is it good for Chicago?

HRRA: Illinois' remedy against reckless contractors

By Michael H. Wasserman

Before you queue the scary music (or sign on the dotted line), know your rights—and the limitations—provided under the Illinois Home Repair and Remodeling Act (HRRA).

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