from Local Attorney, Michael H. Wasserman

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Home Buyer / Seller Customer Satisfaction Study

This just in from the Wasserlaw Department of Meaningless Statistics:

J.D. Power & Associates has published its first ever evaluation of customer satisfaction for Real Estate Brokerages.

The inaugural study measures customer satisfaction of home buyers and sellers with the largest national real estate firms. Overall satisfaction is determined by examining three factors for the home-buying experience: agent (65%); office (21%); and services (13%). Four factors are examined for the home-selling experience: agent (43%); marketing (38%); office (12%); and services (7%).

I'll not waste your time (here) citing the winners or losers. Let them brag on themselves if they want to, and you can satisfy your own curiosity by following those links in the paragraph above.

Suffice it to say that I am just not all that impressed with the study or the finding. I know a whole slew of really able and talented (nice) agents working at the "winning" firms and just as many who work for other nationals AND still others (many others) who are independents.

Few of us are buying or selling residential real estate, in large volume, on a national scale, so who amongst us really needs to know (or should select an agent) based on what is happening in Poughkeepsie?

Selecting a real estate agent is a personal matter. Shop local, Buy local. Get referrals. Call me. I'm always good for an opinion.