from Local Attorney, Michael H. Wasserman

Thursday, December 11, 2008

What the puck? Blago a hit in Las Vegas....

Who knew they even played hockey in Las Vegas? Apparently they do, and oh boy have they got a promotion cooked up. Kudos to their promotions department for getting way out ahead of the rest of the hockey-as-political-satire poser organizations.

The Las Vegas Wranglers face off against the much feared Victoria Salmon Kings on January 30. They will wear vintage prison uniforms, featuring broad, horizontal black and white stripes and a prison issue number that begins "ILLGOV" with the last two characters representing a specific player's regular uniform number.

Those nasty, sweaty frocks will be autographed and auctioned off for charity at the game's end. A seat between the two benches will go to the highest bidder as well.

Sure its embarrassing for us, but the team wants you to have some compassion for the players. Apparently they were forced to wear pink for cancer research last year, and had to grow mustaches and wear light blue helmets to auction for prostate cancer. Management is running the promotion (they say) to give the players a chance to "look a little more sketchy" Glad our governor could helps out with that.

The Wranglers drew national attention for Dick Cheney Hunting Vest Night following his 2006 shooting "mishap." They are also known for playing one game each season that begins at midnight, and an annual Over-18 game that I am told caters to an, ahem, mature audience.